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What if every Cricket Nation was a football team?

What if every cricket team was a football team. Who would each country be...??

The West Indies would be Brazil. Source: Soccer Laduma

South Africa would be Liverpool. Consistently up there with the top teams. They would come from a proud history with players like ADB as the heroic Steven Gerard, with the ability to win games single handedly, but when it came to the crunch they’d find a way to slip up.

India would be Juventus. Brilliant domestically but not as superior elsewhere. You know most of their players but in Kohli and Ronaldo, one clearly stands out from the rest.

Australia would be AC Milan. Great in the 90s and 2000s but now quite average. David Warner would be problematic midfielder Gennaro Gattuso, often getting into trouble on the field.

Pakistan would be Tottenham Hotspurs. Always threaten to be a big nation or big club but forever will finish with one major trophy and a couple of minor ones.

Sri Lanka as Leeds United. Produced great players 20 years ago that took them to unheralded heights. Now only their fans know their names.

England cricket team as England football team. Start of each World Cup they are sure this time will be the one. Ben Stokes would be Harry Kane as the great hope to lead them to World Cup glory (before ultimately ending in disappointment).

West Indies as Brazil. Once the world would stop them play. Now they lose to Belgium and Bangladesh.

M.S. Dhoni keeps his eye on the ball. Image: Hindustan Times

New Zealand as Bournemouth FC. A small nation that always punches above its weight but will never consistently compete with the big guys. A lot of people’s second favourite team.

Kenya as Leicester FC. Once produced a stunning result before disappearing again into obscurity.

Can you think of any others?

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