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The deed gets punished but the intent goes missing!

Why wasn't the intention to bring the game into disrepute considered as a separate offence.

'Sandpapergate': Vice-captain David Warner and skipper Steve Smith, The masterminds? Image: SA Breaking News

How can the ICC manage to get something so basic, so badly wrong?

We have a captain of a country, a proud cricketing country in Australia, who came up with a plan to cheat. Everything we know that you can’t do in sport, win by deception, received a total punishment of, wait for it... one whole test match. In the famous words of John McEnroe: 'You cannot be serious!'. Five days for cheating!

Let's also look at Cameron Bancroft. He brought tape on the field with the purpose to get stones and other dirt on it to alter the state of the ball. He altered the state of the ball illegally, was caught, hid the evidence down his pants, and then lied to the umpires about what he did, producing what looked to be a black sunglasses cover when questioned.

Now what was his punishment from cricketing's governing body... wait for it, for cheating.... 0 matches!!!!

Can we, the fan, take the ICC seriously?

The mistake the ICC have made is they have combined the intent and the deed under one umbrella punishment.

They have said, “Ok you two have colluded to ball tamper, and ball tampering's punishment is this and this. There you go.”

Cameron Bancroft - The willing soldier? Source: Scroll.in

The problem here is there are two separate issues. There is the tampering with the ball, and there is the intent to cheat. These must be separated. Not blanketed as the same thing.

As far as ball tampering goes, the punishment is probably fair. Ball tampering isn't the greatest crime in cricket. If Faf du Plessis got 0 matches for using a lolly to shine a ball in the 2016 Hobart test, then one match for Smith, and nothing for Bancroft is perhaps understandable.

Where is the punishment for planning, organizing and carrying out cheating? To try and win by deception. To illegally try and get an advantage?

The ICC have blanketed it all as one punishment. How can one player and one captain, and whoever else was in on it, get a combined total punishment of 5 days, not even a week, for trying to win a cricket match by deception? By cheating. Cricket Australia are yet to act, but the governing body has pretty much said, ' Yes we saw you cheated, we'll see you in a fortnight.'

A couple of days after the event we have seen the ICC already drop the ball. To blanket intent with the deed means they have missed the point entirely. Cricket Australia will be the next to act. Let's hope they they pick up the loose ball and run with it for the good of the sport.

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