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Didn't Ravi Shastri tell Virat about Melbourne's weather?

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Virat Kohli wasn't born when India should have won the Boxing Day test in 1985. India dominated the test from go to rain, from the opening ball to the final raindrop. That test 33 years ago finished in a draw, thanks largely due to Melbourne's infamous weather.

Will Melbourne's weather have a say on day 4 and 5? Source: Scroll.in

In that test India were 2/59 chasing 126 for victory. The rain that came at tea robbed them of a certain test win, and a series win given the other couple of tests were high scoring draws.

Virat Kohli may not have been born, but India coach Ravi Shastri played in that test. He was there taking the wicket of Stephen Waugh in Waugh's first ever test. He saw the rain for himself. He has experienced Melbourne's four seasons in one day' weather.

Knowing all this Virat Kohli had Australia on their knees at tea of day 3. instead of keeping them there, he said 'well bat again thanks'. With a first innings lead of 292 and having bowled Australia out in a couple of sessions, Australia were in a mess. He gave Australia hope in what looked to be a hopeless situation.

In the end, there may be cake and beers for India by the end of the Sydney test. Kohli can say 'i told you so' if he leaves Melbourne 2-1 and a fresh bowling attack that goes again in Sydney.

However if the infamous Melbourne weather takes a turn for the worse over the next day or two, and a freshened up Australian batting put their head down in their second try, the Indian skipper would be left red faced leaving the MCG.

Jasprit Bumrah was outstanding on day 3 of the Melbourne Test. Credit: Times of India

By opting for the very modern idea of not enforcing the follow on, Kohli has looked after his bowlers. But the game situation may not have been looked after.

We will know more over the next day or two.

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