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While Daniel’s preferred sport at a young age was chasing girls around the schoolyard, John’s favourite game was pursuing a large soccer ball for hours on end with the hope of eventually landing foot on rubber. They both finally abandoned their initial pursuits when, as they were entering their double- digit years, were introduced to this glorious game called cricket.


From the moment they were both exposed to the wonderful nuances of the sport, they were hooked and knew that the game was going to be an integral part of their lives.


While Daniel earned several accolades as an opening batsman and part time lucky leg-break bowler during his club career, John tried to distinguish himself as a medium pace all-rounder for his school, college and organisations, managing to occasionally garner some plaudits but often coming up short, in keeping with his stature.


Daniel’s highlight as a player was when he scored three figures at the same ground that the legendary Sir Donald Bradman scored his first ever grade cricket century (Petersham Oval). Despite his best efforts though, the rest of Dan’s career did not quite mirror the Don’s.


John’s most memorable performance was a lot more humbling, having nothing to do with cricket royalty. It came when he took a 4-for and scored 20 odd runs to help his company win a match in an inter-corporate tournament. Just to put things in perspective, India’s greatest all-rounder Kapil Dev would have turned in a more sublime performance on his worst day.


Daniel was born and raised in Sydney and like any Australian, sport was a big part of his life and still is today. As an Aussie, he was exposed to a variety of sports but soccer and cricket were the ones that ruled his heart.  His favourite cricketers include Steve Waugh, Adam Gilchrist and Sachin Tendulkar. He is particularly interested in the technical side of the sport and is always trying to spot and analyze changes in players' techniques.


John was born in Kuwait and while soccer was his first love, that all changed when his family returned to his home country of India. He was intrigued by the game of cricket that was a national obsession. Ever since he watched India battle it out against Australia at Chepauk, in the famous tied Test, he too became obsessed. The players that hold special reverence in his heart answer to the names of Steve Waugh, Wasim Akram and Rahul Dravid. His prized possession is a personally autographed picture of Sachin Tendulkar, gifted by a close friend. He is fascinated by the mental side of the game and is looking to expand his knowledge in this area and understand what sets the best from the rest.

Cricket Buffet is the culmination of a journey of 2 cricket fanatics, John and Daniel, which commenced individually for each of us, more than 30 years ago. From playing the game to watching it at every turn, we cricket aficionados finally decided to combine our journey and share our passion, knowledge and unique talents with the cricket world by launching our own Facebook page and YouTube channel under the banner Cricket Insights, over a year and a half ago.


As our content expanded so did our variety and we decided to go in for a rebrand while also realizing that we needed to house our ever-growing content under one location and thus Cricket Buffet was born

Criticize the shot not the player, condemn the act not the actor, run down the performance not the performer. While sometimes it may genuinely be difficult to separate the two, we truly believe that there is a better way to watch the game as fans and share our opinions and analyse the game creating a positive impact for all involved. We, as fans, need to dig deep within our mental and emotional faculties and try and comprehend the reason for that shot, act or performance and put a positive spin on things even when it seems impossible.


After all no professional sportsperson takes up the sport with the intention to fail. But we as fans can be more responsible with our opinions by accepting that winning and losing are all part of the game and in the end cricket is just that – a game! So while we may get carried away and our emotions ride high when our favourite player fails or our beloved team loses, let’s remember what these players have given up and the unimaginable toil they have put in to reach where they have. Let’s not forget when they fail and lose, no one feels the pain more than them. So let’s not be too quick to judge but rather empathize with our beloved cricketers and teams, honour their efforts and cheer them on irrespective of victory or defeat, failure or success.


So join the movement and let’s spread the joy of this beautiful game.


We look forward to you joining us on the Cricket Buffet journey!


Cricket-fully yours,

  John & Dan



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